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The Last Room in the House

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Somewhere in my growing up years, I ran across this religious tract or pamphlet that I never forgot.  Its purpose was to encourage Christian young people give all of themselves to God.  It used the analogy of our lives being like a house that had many rooms and closets and that we didn’t want to leave Christ in the living room as a guest, seated in the parlor.  The little booklet encouraged being honest and open with God and letting Him see the dirty corners behind the fridge, the overstuffed closets that was brimming with outdated objects of our affections, and even the bathroom, where we took off our dirty laundry.  As we allow Him in “our” rooms, hopefully we would recognize His rightful ownership of the property and begin to enjoy our lives with Him as the Master of the house.

Some might say that the office is the last room we allow Him into as we sit there to decide how we spend money, time and energy.  Others would say it is the kitchen, letting Him dictate what and how much we eat.  Others might believe that the den is the last holdout as He might have different tastes in entertainment that we have and this would be the last place we want to give up control.

From my work with people in the last 20 years, I have come to the conclusion that the last room we allow Him to enter and occupy is the bedroom.  That is where we bolt the door and say, “You can have all of the rest of my house (life) but I will call the shots in here.”  Why do I say this? 

As a counseling intern and a volunteer at a pregnancy center, I am amazed at the number of people, young and old alike, who say that they are Christians but have sex outside of marriage.  This includes pre-marriage and adulterous relationships. By the time they come to a pregnancy center, they are afraid  that they might be pregnant and come to have that either confirmed or denied.  It seems that the Gospel has not yet made it to the bedroom.  It is not surprising when a woman doesn’t identify herself as a Christian and says that she has sex outside of marriage.  That is where many have walked (Ephesians 2:1-3).  But after we have been “made alive together with Christ”, isn’t our behavior supposed to  affected? Changed? Different?

The other place I see that the gospel has not gotten to the bedroom is the counseling office.  Many people come with damaged relationships due to adultery, pornography, and mates using sex as a weapon to control rather than a means to bless.  I Corinthians 7:1-5 hasn’t seemed to have made it out of the pages of Bible into the inner chambers of the heart and home.  The idea of worshiping God through serving our mate in this way seems to have put God on the back porch.

What would it look like if God were invited into the bedroom?  He might want to redecorate for starters.  He would remind us that sexual sin is one of the things that He died to save us from and He offers grace and forgiveness when we have worshipped the creature rather than the creator (Romans 1:25).  He would remind us that we will never be able to keep His commands about this important part of our lives but that His Son kept them perfectly on our behalf.  Only as we yield to His life in us, we will keep them.  When we fail, as we will do, He offers us His Son’s perfect record (II Corinthians 5:21) on our behalf. As one who Himself suffered at the hands of Roman soldiers, He offers to carry our sin and shame. The good news of the gospel and His life in us is our only hope of making this a room where His loved is celebrated in a practical way.  He decided that a healthy marriage relationship is the way He describes His relationship with the church He died to redeem.

May our lives reflect His glory in every room in the house.

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